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Homes For The Honored

Helping Our Honored Heroes Find A Home

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and serve their communities in many different ways. Thankfully, there are programs like Homes For The Honored that exist to help give back to those who serve.

What is Homes for The Honored?

The Homes for The Honored program by the Lisa Dinoto Group as a way to show thanks to those individuals who serve our communities and our country. Homes For The Honored is a way to come together to help our local heroes save money when it comes time to buy or sell a home.

What are the Qualifications?

If you are a current or former firefighter, law enforcement official, healthcare professional/EMS, teacher, or member of the military (active, reserve, and veterans), you qualify for our Homes For The Honored program.

It doesn’t require any extra paperwork or applications — just your name, contact information, and proof of occupation.

What are the benefits of Homes for The Honored?

Although the total amount saved varies, heroes will save on escrow costs when working with the Lisa Dinoto Group to buy or sell a home. The Lisa DiNoto Group gives 25% of their gross commission to be paid towards the closing costs. There are no strings attached—it’s just that simple!

Homes For The Honored Down Payment Assistance

Wondering about bad credit or the best time to buy or sell?  Contact the Lisa DiNoto Group, so we can help get you the answers you are looking for.

Homes For The Honored Mission

It’s our goal to build strong relationships with local firefighters, law enforcement officials, healthcare professionals, teachers, and military (active, reserve, and veterans). We go to the local firehouses, police stations, and schools to show our local heroes how they can benefit from this program.

In fact, we value these relationships so much, that we have agreed to the following discounts and rebates: 25% rebate on the Gross Brokerage Commission and a 50% discount on the Loan Origination Fee.

Next Steps…

If you work in a profession that qualifies you for the Homes for the Honored program, call or text Lisa Dinoto at 909-921-2544. To learn more about this program, please click here!

Now it’s YOUR turn to have Homes for Heroes give back to you!

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