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Showing Your Home in the Best Light

Why Are Listing Photos So Important?

With up to 98% of home buyers shopping online, your listing photos provide you with the biggest chance to make a positive impression on potential home buyers – Which can ultimately get them into your home and into a contract. As a result, you need to make sure that your listing includes photos are stunning and provide interested buyers with more information in less time than what text can manage on its own.




What Are Some Tips for Getting the Most Use Out of Listing Photos?

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind…


Clean and Declutter Your Home

Generally speaking, you should prepare your home for a photo shoot in much the same manner that you should prepare for a showing.


First, you should clean it because you want to make your home look like a place where other people will want to live.


Second, you should declutter it because you want to make it look open and spacious rather than cramped and closed in.


Third, you need to depersonalize your home, which means removing photos, mementos, and other personal items that can make it difficult for potential home-buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.


If you fail to take these steps, you run the risk of getting a lower price and a longer timeframe on the market.



Take Good Photos

Photography is a skill and we hire a professional photographer for every listing.


As a result, you should choose a professional photographer who specializes in taking photos of homes for inclusion in listings.


This is important because bad photos can be worse than having no photos at all. So avoid blurry photos, distorted photos, and poorly lit photos as much as possible. Fortunately, a professional photographer should have the expertise, the experience, and the equipment needed to avoid these problems, particularly if they happen to specialize in the kind of photo-taking that you need for your listing.




Take Lots of Photos

You should take plenty of photos of your home. This is because having more photos provides interested individuals with more information about what they can expect from your home, which in turn, increases the chances that a potential home buyer will approach you about buying it.


Photos can also help assure interested buyers that what they see in the pictures is a faithful representation of your home, which increases their confidence even further. If a home seller uses a limited number of photos as well as a limited number of perspectives, buyers may think that the sellers have something to hide.


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