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23 Things You Need To Know Before Selling A Home In The Inland Empire

There are quite a few steps to selling a home, so we’ve listed the top 23 things that you should be aware of before you decide to put your Inland Empire home up for sale.

When You List The Home

  • Choose a Realtor who has a proven track record of selling homes in your neighborhood
  • Sign the Listing Contract with your Realtor
  • Confirm your Realtor has listed your home for sale in the local MLS
  • Sit down with your Realtor and fill out the required California Disclosures Form
  • Review your Realtor’s Marketing Report and Commitment to you
  • Your Realtor will install the lockbox, send a professional photographer to take pictures, and hire a company to install the sign in the front yard
  • Your Realtor will drive traffic to your listing in order to find a buyer
  • Your Realtor will order the required California Termite Report, Natural Hazard Disclosure Report, Preliminary
  • Report, and start preparing disclosures for the buyer

When You Start Receiving Offers

  • Your Realtor will setup an appointment with you to review all of the offers
  • Once you choose an offer, your Realtor will send out a counter offer
  • Your Realtor will present all of the counteroffers, so you can choose the strongest and highest offer for your home
  • Once you’ve chosen the right offer, your Realtor will collect signatures from all parties involved
  • To cover all of your bases, your Realtor should also send out a notification to all of the other buyers that they will be placed as a backup offer

Once You Have An Accepted Offer

  • Your Realtor will change the status of your home in the MLS to prevent more people from attempting to see the house
  • Your Realtor will help you open Escrow, and confirm that the escrow company receives your earnest money deposit withing the time frame.
  • Your Realtor will send the required Disclosure Package, Natural Hazard Disclosure Report, and preliminary report to the buyer’s agent
  • Your Realtor will confirm that the appraisal and inspection have been ordered, then meet both companies at your home.
  • If the buyer requests that repairs be made, your Realtor will help you to negotiate what should be fixed prior to the sale
  • Your Realtor will return a signed Disclosures Package, send all contingency removals, get a copy of the inspection, and confirm that all of the other reports have been approved

When You Close On The House

  • Your Realtor will confirm that you closing date is still on schedule.
  • Your Realtor will set up an appointment for the buyers to conduct a final walk-through of your home and be there to meet them at the door
  • Remind you to cancel all of your utilities, confirm your move out date, and hand over the keys
  • Your Realtor should also deliver your Closing Package, confirm that you’ve moved in smoothly, and ensure that everything was up to your satisfaction

This may seem like a lot of information, but your Realtor should be there to help you during every step of the way.

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