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7 Reasons Why You Should List Your Inland Empire Home During The Holidays

I realize that the thought of moving during the holidays could send some home sellers into a tailspin. But the truth of the matter is that even if your home sells, you don’t have to move until after the holidays – unless you’d like to. There are lots of other reasons why you should list your Inland Empire home during the holidays. Keep reading to know more!


7 reasons to list your inland empire home during the holidays


#1 Buyers Looking Over The Holidays Are Serious

Sure, there may be fewer buyers during the holidays, but it’s not always about the numbers. When it comes to homebuyers, always choose quality over quantity. The last thing that most sellers want are hundreds of people traipsing through their home at all hours of the day and night – especially without any offers.

During the holidays, you’ll get the luxury of having less showings with more results. The reason is because people who are looking to buy during the holidays are serious and ready to buy! If they weren’t, they would put it off until the spring, like all of the others. So if they are looking now, they probably have good reason to!



#2 Less Supply Means More Demand

The law of supply and demand states that when supply goes up, demand goes down. Likewise, when the supply dwindles, the demand will shoot through the roof. This is what happens when you list your home in the winter. The overall supply of homes is scarce, so your home becomes the proverbial “big fish in a small pond.”


This is an ideal situation to be in as a home seller, because it puts the ball back in your court. More competition means more money. Buyers are all fighting for the same homes when supply goes down, so you have a greater chance of your home selling faster and with multiple offers.


#3 After The Holidays, Your Competition Will Spike

If being a bog fish in a small pond is ideal, then being a small fish in a big pond isn’t. This is what happens when you wait until the Spring to list your home. The market gets flooded with new listings, the market  is saturated, and buyers have tons more choices. Unfortunately, more competition means  less money in your pocket.


#4 Your Home Shows Better During The Holidays

Any real estate agent can attest to the fact that buyers always look for a place to put the tree. Even during the summer months, buyers scope out potential locations. During the holidays, your home is decorated, and buyers don’t have to envision where the tree will go. Instead, they can see the home in all of its glory and holiday magic. Plus, your home just looks better when it’s decorated for the holidays!


#5 Buyers Have More Time To Look While On Vacation

Most showings occur after work and on weekends when home buyers are off from work. But during the holidays, most home buyers are on vacation. This means that they have more time to find their dream home.


#6 We Can Restrict The Times Your Home Is Shown, So You Remain In Control

I realize that you are probably on vacation during the holidays too and may not want buyers in your home before holiday events, gatherings, and parties. To avoid this, the answer is simple. We can restrict the times your home is shown, so that you remain in control. If you don’t want people in your home during certain days or times, we can request that the showings only occur during the times that you want.


#7 Even If Your House Sells Now, You Can Move After The Holidays

Most home sellers don’t realize that everything is negotiable – including move out dates. If you don’t want to move until after the holidays, no problem. We can make potential home buyers aware of this fact while the home is on the market. And to ensure that your request is honored, we can write it into the contract as well.


Hopefully, I’ve convinced you of all the reasons why you should list your Inland Empire Home during the Holidays. If so, I also hope that I’ve convinced you to list it with me! If so, please call or text me anytime! 909-921-2544 or click here for a free home evaluation!

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