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Why Staging Your Home is Important

You only get once chance to make a first impression. Making a good first impression is as crucial to selling your house as it is with anything else. Staging your property is imperative because it sets the tone for what potential buyers think and feel about your environment when they walk through your open house.


Properly staging your home could bring in multiple offers with competitive pricing, and could eliminate requests for allowances for repairs.


In staging your house for sale, you begin with curb appeal. Potential buyers should find the outside of the home attractive. When the exterior of the home speaks to the potential purchaser, they’re drawn by curiosity to the inside. They want to follow the charm. However, when the exterior of the house is unkempt, unattractive, or dilapidated, the opposite is true. Rather than feeling compelled to explore the home’s offerings, potential buyers are put off and may opt out of touring the property. To stage the outside of your home for curb appeal, make sure the lawns are well manicured, outdoor furniture pleasantly arranged, and that, if necessary, a fresh coat of paint is applied. There should be no obstructions for guests to entering the home, so remove all clutter from the entryway. Consider adding potted flowers around the door for a vibrant pop of color.


When guests enter your house, you want them to be able to imagine themselves living in the space. To accomplish this goal, begin by removing any personal items such as pictures, trophies, or personal collections. Guests who see your household’s pictures and personal items are more likely to see themselves as company in your house instead of viewing themselves living in the home. Your guests should be able to imagine their pictures on the wall, their books on the shelves, and their collectibles. Give them room to do so by clearing out your personal items.


Cleaning carpets and repairing damage to floors and walls is imperative in staging your home. You want your guests to imagine what they could add to the space, not what they might have to take on as projects. Buyers want move-in-ready. When a potential buyer sees stains on your carpet, they begin adding up the costs of time, money, and energy to fix the damage. The figuring in of repair costs may lower offers on the home because of allowances for carpet or paint. And, if there are too many repair projects, the potential buyer may feel overwhelmed and decline making an offer.


Walls and carpets should be designed with warm neutrals. Warm neutrals appeal to a larger audience, are inviting, and unoffensive. Bright or loud colors may turn potential buyers off. Neutralizing colors is an easy fix and should be done before opening your home for walkthroughs during an open house.


Clunky or bulky furniture can make rooms appear smaller than they are. By minimalizing furniture and appropriately arranging it away from walls into conversational areas, rooms may seem to be larger.


Potential buyers are going to be opening drawers and doors throughout your home. Closets, storage spaces, and drawers should be de-cluttered and well organized.


Natural light and beautiful views are important to potential buyers, so when staging your home, make sure window coverings are open and that nothing obstructs the window views. You want the space to appear bright and inviting. Correctly placing window coverings can also make windows seem to be larger, and, therefore, more appealing.


When a home is clean, tidy, and smells fresh, potential buyers feel invited into the space. When things are cluttered, dirty, stained, or in disarray, it may lead potential buyers to wonder about the maintenance and upkeep of the home’s structure, appliances, and other aspects. When they see a water spot on the ceiling, they begin to question leaks and water damage. When they see loose boards on porches and patios, they question structural integrity. By keeping your home in good order during showings, you’re inviting potential buyers to come inside and make themselves at home.


Properly staging a home for sale can increase offers, encourage multiple offers, and expedite the sale. Ready to talk about buying or selling a home in Rancho Cucamonga? Call The Lisa DiNoto Group at 909-921-2544. Or click here for an instant home evaluation!



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